Item condition definitions and refund possibilities

We use 3 different kinds of descriptions when lotting items:  Appears New, Open Box and Damaged.  The following are the definitions for each that are posted in the terms of our auctions:

Condition notation of "Appears new": these are items that appear to be in a new condition or have never been used previously. These items are not tested for functionality or completeness -for items that are marked "appears new" a bidder must examine the item thoroughly when picking up. If the item does not appear new or unused or if there is an issue, the bidder MUST report this to 2MC Management, Inc. prior to leaving the premises. Once the bidder has left the premises with the item, 2MC Management, Inc. cannot issue any refund for issues arising with the item.

Condition notation of "Open Box": Items marked "Open Box" indicate that they could come from a multitude of circumstances - shelf pulls, overstock, returns. An open box item could be incomplete and has not be tested for functionality. 2MC Management, Inc. cannot issue refunds on these items if there are issues arising.

Condition notation of "Damaged": Items marked "Damaged" could be new or used, but are noted to have certain damage. If possible, items will have secondary photos that display the damage, but are not still not tested for completeness and functionality and could have more damage than found upon being inventoried by 2MC. 2MC Management, Inc. cannot issue refunds on these items.

Being familiar with these terms is very important as to how the items condition is assessed.  They are also important to know because they tell whether or not your item can be refunded.  

You'll want to inspect all of your items prior to leaving the warehouse.  Plug them in, take them out of the boxes, see how they work.  If they are lotted as "Appears new" and there are any issues, you can discuss a refund with the removal staff at that time.  
However, if they are lotted as "Open Box" or "Damaged" and once they've left the premises, they are no longer eligible for a refund.

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