How Do I Bid?

Find an auction you are interested in.  Somewhere -a pad of paper kept next to your computer, a computer file or document, or your smartphone, write down the auction number, date it closes and the location at the top of the picture. 


Click on a picture of an auction you are interested in on our home page.


Carefully read all the information on the next page you see.  I know it's a lot, but this is the TERMS AND CONDITIONS of the auction.  It explains shipping, location, preview times, and conditions of items sold.  Now scroll back up on this page to the large blue letters that say VIEW ITEMS AND BID.  Click on those.


The next page or pages will show the auction.  On the left is the ITEM NUMBER and a stock photo of the item (picture DOES NOT describe condition). You will then see a written description of the item, the location in the warehouse, and the description (APPEARS NEW = may have missing pieces, OPEN BOX = Has been opened, used, and possibly incomplete or damaged, or DAMAGED= item is definitely damaged).


On the right you will see the rest of the pertinent information for this item: How many current bidders, highest bidder (by bidder number) current bid and the next bid amount needed.  You will then see a box in which to enter the bid you want to open with and the MAXIMUM BID you will agree to pay.  If there are more than one item sold together you will see a MULTIPLIER under your bid amount which means whatever you bid will be multiplied times amount of items.  Be aware! 


Once you have filled in those boxes, continue to bid on as many number of items on that page as you wish! Then scroll to the bottom of the page, enter your bidder number and password and hit SUBMIT BIDS. Read all the conditions for bidding, check the boxes and submit the info.  Keep in mind that you must submit your bids per page.  You can't place bids on several different pages and submit them once.  Example:  You are interested in on an item on page 1 of the auction and another on page 2.  You will need to place your bid on the item on page 1, then submit it, then go to page 2, place your bid and then submit it.   


That's it!  It sounds complicated but it is very easy!  A couple of things to remember: Your credit card must be valid to bid.  You won't be able to if its not.  AND - when you place a bid in an auction, the first bid will result in our system checking your credit card by sending a $1 temporary authorization that will automatically come off your account in a few days.  5 auctions bid in = 5 temporary (PENDING) charges.


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